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 St. Camillus Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

St. Camillus Academy Alumni Association, Inc.


A Message from SCAAA Board President, Pete Samples, October 17, 2016


SCAAA 2016 Alumni Banquet


Please join us Saturday, November 5, 2016, at David’s Steakhouse, Corbin, KY 40701, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, for the SCAAA 2016 Alumni Banquet & Reunion. Let our Treasurer, Stu Hardesty, know you will be there by mailing your $15 dues for the year and $15 per person or $25 per couple for the banquet meal.  Mail same to SCAAA, P. O. Box 1701, Corbin, KY  40702.  There will be a short business meeting during the banquet only for the purpose of discussing the potential of building The New St. Camillus Academy.


The Passing of Our Attorney


            I am heartbroken over the recent and unexpected passing of the SCAAA board attorney and a long time personal friend, Patrick C. Hickey.    RIP my friend! 


The New St. Camillus Academy


            I have been ridiculed for suggesting that a new high school is even remotely possible in the Corbin geographical area.  It has been said that no one will be interested in a one room school building.   It has been stated that I have made several mistakes in taking on such a project.  I have been called a liar by saying that 93 responses have been made to the questionnaires or surveys asking for the public’s opinion about the quality of education in the Corbin area and that I have offended the public school systems in that area by asking for such an opinion.  Perhaps these comments have some merit – time will tell,   except the one about the 93 survey responses.  That figure was true as of a couple months ago.  Those disputing this could not possibly know how many surveys came back by mail to P. O. Box 257, Dry Ridge, KY 41035 and/or via e-mail. 

            I do know this…depending on the total number or survey responses and the percentage  in favor of a new school will determine whether a New St. Camillus Academy will soon become a reality. The use of land has been promised in Knox County as well as on-gong funding for the underwriting of school related equipment, salaries and overhead has been assured by a local financial institution.  The SCAAA has the necessary funds available right now to pay for the materials and labor associated with the costs of constructing a large one-room school building.      

If there is a chance that you support the notion of a New St. Camillus Academy, please attend that 2016 SCAAA Banquet and Reunion, Saturday, November 5, 2016 at David’s Steakhouse in Corbin.  Without you, it is possible that those who are doubters will win out and the opportunity of a New St. Camillus Academy will pass.  Bye the way, there are no plans, at this time or in the near future, to ask for any financial support from you or the public.  Once a New St. Camillus Academy is up and running, a plan for a capital fund drive to enlarge the campus will be an option.


Survey Monkey


Please click on our Event Page.  Then click on the link at the top of the page and respond to the opinion survey.  If for some reason, you cannot attend our banquet and reunion on November 5,  2016, another way to show your support is by completing the survey.  Since this survey is strictly electronic and handled through Survey Monkey, no one can be accused of rigging the results.


 No Word on Lawsuit


            Obviously, with the passing of our board attorney, there is no word on the lawsuit filed against the Department of Charitable Gaming jointly by the SCAAA and three other charities.  I have asked for and received a response from the Kentucky Bar Association on what the SCAAA  should do to obtain new legal representation concerning the lawsuit.   


Sincerely Submitted,

Peter O. Samples, SCAAA





St. Camillus Academy

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