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St.Camillus Academy Corbin, KY

St. Camillus Academy has its origins in the work of the Rev. Ambrose Reger, O.S.B. Fr. Reger was pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Corbin, and under his direction a school was opened in 1908 to serve 23 students. By 1910 enrollment had grown to 47 students, in addition to 19 music pupils. Instruction in art and needlework were also included by that time.

By 1913 Fr. Reger found that the expanding parish school had outgrown all expectations. He therefore requested Mother Mary Lucy of the Sisters of Divine Providence to take over the school. In September 1913 the Sisters of Divine Providence began St. Camillus Academy in Corbin. St. Camillus represented the sisters' first outreach into the mountains from their home in Covington. The Academy's first home was a rented residence on Laurel Street, but soon it was necessary to build a permanent facility.

In 1914, with the support of Bishop Maes, a tract of 35 acres was purchased and a new building was begin. The Academy building was completed in the spring of 1915 and was to have been dedicated on May 19th, but ironically Bishop Maes died eight days before the planned ceremony. Fr. Reger conducted a private blessing on the new building instead.

The first graduating class was 1917, and in 1921 the Academy was enlarged with an annex containing a beautiful Chapel, two more classrooms, and a library. This building expansion served the Academy's needs for many years.

In 1972 construction of a one-floor open school began. This building was planned to accommodate 300 children in grades 1-12. Classes begin in the new facility in September 1973, with students continuing to use the old building for cafeteria and music classes. Boarding students and the Sisters also continued to use it as a residence.

Kindergarten was added in September 1985, and at the same time the first computer room for high school students opened. In 1986 six seniors were named National Merit Semi-Finalists from a graduating class of 19. Also in 1986 a decision was made to provide a recreational facility for students and boarders.

In the fall of 1989 renovation work began by enclosing the once open classrooms of the 1973 building. In 1990 the pavillion was also enclosed to provide three high school classrooms as well as assembly space for the entire student body.

In 1993 a computer lab for elementary students was opened, and in 1995 the building was re-wired for computers, making networking activities possible. Internet access was added to the library in 1995.

In September 1992 a Montessori class was added to St. Camillus Academy. A second Montessori class was added in 1996 to serve a total of 49 pupils.

The decision was made in 1996 to close the high school to make room for the increasing numbers of Montessori and elementary pupils. Currently enrollment at St. Camillus is approximately 200 students in Montessori, kindergarten, and grades 1-8.

St. Camillus' Alumni Association has been in existence under a variety of names since the 1920s. There have been some inactive years, but the association has always come back strongly because of the major influence St. Camillus has had on the lives of its graduates.

Following the decision to close the high school in 1996, several alumni members decided to incorporate and begin a new association with the same purpose: to foster and maintain unity of purpose and ideals among graduates and former students of St. Camillus Academy and to re-establish a catholic high school in the Corbin geographical area.


In 2008 the original 1914 academy building was demolished by order of the Sisters old Divine Providence

Alumni Association gifts to SCA as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and prior to its demolition.

  • 2001-2002 awarded over $12,000 in scholarships to needy students.
  • Provided $4,000 towards the purchase of a new school bus.
  • Contributed over $10,000 towards Alumni Center Building Fund.
  • Contributed approximately $40,000 towards scholarship investment fund.
  • Purchased four trophy cases.
  • Provided $1,000 to be used for replacing window blinds in the Chapel.
  • Provided $1750 to be used to air condition the computer room.
  • Provided software for the computer labs
  • Provided a digital camera for the schools use.

If you are not a member of the St. Camillus' Alumni Association and would like to be, please visit our Join Us page.

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Phone: (606) 526-0959
Fax: (606) 526-0591
e-Mail: Info@SCAAlumni.org

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