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St.Camillus Academy Corbin, KY

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NEWS RELEASE – Corbin, KY (August 2, 2016) 

   The St. Camillus Academy Alumni Association, Inc., needs your response to its questionnaire to help it determine the majority opinion about special education in the Corbin geographical area.  “The SCAAA Board of Directors is trying to find out if one of two of its primary missions is feasible or not”, stated Peter O. Samples, Board President.  Samples went on to say that the mission in question is one concerning the potential re-establishment of a catholic high school in the Corbin geographical area.  “We are asking anyone who has an opinion on the present quality of education in the Corbin area to answer the five questions on the questionnaire and return it no later than March 15, 2017”, stated Judy Hopper Cook, an active alumni member, a Board Officer and member of the Board Committee heading up the questionnaire phase of the  feasibility study.  Johnny Skeese, the third member of the Board Committee and active alumni member said that the questionnaire phase of the feasibility study is the most important part.  “Without it”, Skeese further stated, “The Board will not be able to move forward with the mission or seek to find an alternative one unless we get a good representation of respondents to the questionnaire”.   Samples, who is serving as Chairman of the Feasibility Study and is an active alumni member, anticipates the results of the questionnaire will be made public by the March 20, 2017, after the results have been sanctioned by an independent research firm and ratified by the full SCAAA Board of Directors via a written corporate resolution.   





                      June 2008 was a sad day when the demolition contractors arrived on the hill and began the destruction of the 1914 St. Camillus Academy Building.  In merely a few days, the historic, towering structure had vanished and only a gentle summer breeze remained.  The building, which had served as the grade school and high school for hundreds of children over the years and which had also been the home of many Sisters of Divine Providence who had taught at St. Camillus Academy as well as the boarders who had resided there, was now just a memory. 

                     The Sisters of Divine Providence gave “thumbs down” to every effort and offer the St. Camillus Alumni Association brought forward to save the building, even though it had been on the National Historical Register for many years.  The Alumni Association had made tremendous steps in its efforts to secure the building along with the financial funding and sponsorships to convert the building into a School of Creative And Performing Arts and Mountain Music Museum.  Instead, the Sisters refused to give up control and declared the development of a “memory garden” located on the site.  Nearly one hundred years of history was laid to rest.

                     More recently, the Sisters of Divine Providence shut down St. Camillus Academy and all of its existing programs.  They then vacated the area,  sold the campus property consisting of the land, its "memory garden", and the remaining buildings,  to the Corbin Independent School System for an estimated one million dollars.  The Corbin Independent Schools will utilize it as a middle school where, a reliable source tells us, the  "memory garden " will become a parking lot.        

                     The St. Camillus Alumni Association remains in existence to continue its efforts to further the goals of catholic education in southeastern Kentucky.  Hopeful alumni and supporters of the Association continue to look for ways to support the re-establishment of a catholic high school in the Corbin geographical area.  To provide opportunities for children to develop Christian principles within a catholic based high school education and to foster the perpetual endurance of its alumni members is the Association’s two priority goals.



                     The Association continues it efforts to locate addresses of missing alumni.  The upcoming newsletter will be mailed to those who provide current addresses and the annual membership dues. 

                    Active members also receive access to classmate’s addresses through the Office of Alumni Affairs.  If you would like to assist with the planning of the 2015 alumni celebration, do not hesitate to contact Stu Hardesty.  



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